"Teaching stick control, shooting accuracy, and ground ball technique is a priority during our camps, clinics and club team sessions.
                        The Shoot N Scoop is a unique and effective training tool that makes learning these fundamentals fun.
                                      Shoot N Scoops make getting better easy and intuitive. Our players love them."

                                                                                                              David Earl
                                                                             Founder, 2Way Lacrosse & Professional Lacrosse Player
                                                              Team Canada | 2014 Gold Medalist, FIL World Lacrosse Championships
                                                                                    First Team All-American, Notre Dame | 2011   

Youth organizations, camps, clinics, and schools employ the Shoot n Scoop within their training programs, where players better develop rudimentary lacrosse skills of shooting, passing, and scooping.


Another primary attribute of the Shoot n Scoop, is that it provides a more precise target for a player. 

Today, youth players typically train with a regulation-sized (6 foot x 6 foot) goal, which is a relatively easy target to hit.  The Shoot n Scoop shrinks this target, whereby the player must better employ the fundamentals of shooting and passing in order to score or make a pass.

Easily portable and compact, the ShootnScoop is perfect for use in clincs both indoors and out improving acuracy, fundamental ball control and scoring ability!

For use indoor for Box Lacrosse, the Shoot n Scoop offers an innovative smaller target that rewards accuracy and keeps the game moving by keeping the ball in play!

The Shoot n Scoop provides a ground-breaking approach to teaching and honing the 

shooting and scooping skills of all lacros se players, especially beginners and youth players.


Field training uses for the Shoot n Scoop:


Line Drills

Shooting Drills

Scoop & Feed Drills

Shoot and Scoop Relay Races

Box Lacrosse Goals

Shooting Accuracy Goalies

Shoot and Run 4x4 play

Steal the Bacon

Sharks & Minnows

Running Bases


Built for groups of any size, the Shoot n Scoop excels at aiding coaches, especially of larger (15+) groups of youth players.  Coaches find it challenging enough to grab youth players' attention and keep it.  Set-up four (a quad) Shoot n Scoops in a large square formation and simply form one line about 20 feet away from a Shoot n Scoop and have the players cradle and run towards the first Shoot n Scoop in a staggered fashion.  The players will be automatically drawn to the bright orange buckets of the Shoot n Scoop and naturally want to place or throw the ball into the net.  Face the ball exit hole on the opposit side of where the player places or throws the ball, so that the player must run around the Shoot n Scoop to scoop up the ball as it falls out of the bucket and rolls onto the ground.  Once the player scoops the ball, the player runs to the next Shoot n Scoop and repeats the exercise through all four Shoot n Scoops.


Ideal for beginners, the Shoot n Scoop helps prevent a common bad habit that many players develop, which is the propensity to rake the ball in order to scoop it up.  Lacrosse players

and coaches know all too well that raking the ball in a game causes a turnover.  Players 

most often do not have time to both rake and scoop, and find themselves checked by an 

opposing player, losing the ball.


There's a common expression in lacrosse: "Ground balls win games."



The Shoot n Scoop is a novel yet simple way to teach lacrosse and improve essential lacrosse skills, while bringing greater structure to practices everywhere.