The Shoot N Scoop offers a revolution in self play that develops stick control and accuracy while delivering a ground ball after every shot! 

Use  your Shoot N Scoop in the backyard, the playground, the basement, the patio or the beach.  A portable way to take your lacrosse fun with you!


Shoot n Scoops are popping up in backyards everywhere helping boys & girls of all levels develop their lacrosse fundamentals.


Face the ball exit hole to the front of the player and improve accuracy and scooping away from the field.


Or, introduce the sport in a more manageable way (than a regulation goal or pitch back) to an even younger child.  We have seen two-, three-, and four-year olds instinctively throw a ball into the net or bucket without any instruction.  Place a fiddlestick in their hands and watch them start their journey with this Native American sport.