Put the hard work of practice to good use and have some fun!

The Shoot n Scoop offers players a way to play one-on-one or multiplayer lacrosse games in virtually any setting (including beaches, parks, basements, gyms, and backyards). 


A lacrosse goal is too easy a target to hit in a confined space, and many goals are hard to transport.  Players of all levels enjoy playing  lacrosse with the Shoot n Scoop in a casual setting, especially when there are only a few players around.  Beyond one-on-one lacrosse, players have adapted the basketball game of "H-O-R-S-E" to lacrosse, as well as baseball's "running bases"  using tennis balls or paddle-tennis balls. 



The best part of casual game play is that players are developing their lacrosse skills without even knowing!


One of our best ideas in creating the Shoot n Scoop, was to create a product that was easily transported.  So, pack the Shoot n Scoop with your cooler and head to the beach, park or tailgate!

We are continually hearing about new games that people are playing with the Shoot n Scoop, so check back here for updates.